The new Israeli coalition is not to blame for Palestinian violence

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The Washington Post 04.12.2022


The new Israeli coalition is not to blame for Palestinian violence


In their Dec. 1 op-ed, “Biden should respond boldly to a radical Netanyahu government ,” Daniel C. Kurtzer and Aaron David Miller predicted that the new Israeli “coalition’s agenda” could “intensify” Palestinian terrorism. They somehow overlooked that this most recent surge of Palestinian violence, which has murdered 31 innocents and injured dozens more, began months ago with a very different Israeli coalition in charge.

Moreover, Israelis experienced the worst wave of Palestinian terrorism 20 years ago , under governments that were willing to make the kind of territorial concessions to Palestinians Mr. Miller and Mr. Kurtzer have long championed.

Exaggerating the impact that one or two cabinet members can make on any country is unsophisticated — as so many Washingtonians know. And implying that Palestinian terrorists act like rational pundits, carefully, scientifically, launching their violent, nihilistic, assaults on commuters, shoppers, drivers and pedestrians as responses to one Israeli government or the other — or one Israeli policy or another — is simply obscene.

A Distinguished Scholar in North American History at McGill University currently living in Jerusalem, Gil Troy is an award-winning American presidential historian and a leading Zionist activist. He is, most recently, the editor of the new three-volume set, “Theodor Herzl: Zionist Writings,” the inaugural publication of The Library of the Jewish People ( www.theljp.org )  . Two years ago he co-authored with Natan Sharansky Never Alone: Prison, Politics and  My People,  was published by PublicAffairs of Hachette. Recently designated one of Algemeiner’s J-100, one of the top 100 people “positively influencing Jewish life,” Gil Troy is the author of  The Zionist Ideas , an update and expansion of Arthur Hertzberg’s classic anthology The Zionist Idea, published by the Jewish Publication Society and a 2019 National Jewish Book Award Finalist. 



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