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Israel’s Memorial Day

On Tuesday night, when air raid sirens blare nationwide at 8 p.m., Israel’s loud, hyperactive population will go silent and stiff. From superhighways to ancient alleyways, cars will stop as the drivers and passengers exit to stand at attention. Frozen in longing for loved ones …

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The Doublethinkers

Yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of Natan’s liberation — we mark it, in a bittersweet way, with an essay in Tablet, partly based on the book, partly with new material, that warns about the eerie resemblance between the Doublethinkers of yesteryear – and the Doublethinkers of …

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When Feminists Were Zionists

In June 1975, weeks after Saigon fell, Betty Friedan led a large delegation of American feminists to Mexico City for an International Woman’s Year World Conference hosted by the United Nations. The feminist trailblazer—whose legacy is in the spotlight on International Women’s Day today, 50 …

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The Newly Relevant Case for Liberal Zionism

Published originally on Tablet Magazine. When Benjamin Netanyahu visited Donald Trump recently, the knives were out—not just for Israeli policy but for Zionism itself. “We don’t want no Jewish state, let’s go back to ’48,” protesters shouted outside Trump Tower in New York. “We oppose nationalism …